We at Wieland Healthcare believe in the quality of our product's construction. Our patented bolt-and-bushing system makes it easy to remove components on-site. To switch them out is so fast and so simple, it's positively ingenious: All that's required is one little tool. Wieland furniture is designed with change in mind. That's why the fabrics we use are held in place with hook-and-loop closures. They keep the fabric securely in place yet allow easy on-site removal for cleaning or replacement. No special skills or tools are required.

Only high-density foams of the highest quality are used in Wieland seating. They can't and won't bottom out or lose their shape. Moisture barrier, a pliable waterproof membrane laminated to all interior foams protects them from any kind of liquid damage—which also makes spot cleaning possible. Wood, over time, excessive use can weaken the frame of lesser-quality furniture. But at Wieland, we used molded wood veneers bonded to a single, durable frame. There are no joints or seams to crack or loosen. Our finish process is a high-tech, self-sealing conversion varnish offering excellent scratch and mar resistance, as well as, exceptional chemical and moisture resistance from such products as quaternary and phenolic based disinfectants, acetone, hot coffee, alcohol and crayons.

Wieland has always demonstrated a concern for managing the earth's resources responsibly. Our modular and renewable construction—not to mention classic design—significantly extends the life cycle of Wieland furniture, ultimately reducing stress on our fragile planet. And keep this in mind - every Wieland products is warranted against failure, including all foams for 25 years for fully renewable products and 10 years for partially renewable products. And if something isn’t right, we make it right. If it’s broken, we fix it. It’s that simple.

Wieland Healthcare has many models to choose from. For more information on Wieland and it's products, please visit our website.

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Allay Sleep Sofa

The Allay Sleep Sofa sets new industry standards for comfort and ease of operation. The integrated pull handle intuitively tells the user how to operate with one simple motion.

Cove Recliner

Unique recliner featuring zero turning radius, base-molded bumper, easy-to-grip arms caps available in wood or urethane, moisture barrier and is completely renewable.

Capital Glider

Patient centered comfort and control, with caregiver functionality.  Seamless styling hides mechanisms, ensuring safety and ease of cleaning. Gliders are available with upholstered arms and arm caps.

Plyfold + Smartrail

Plyfold is a durable, comfortable ancillary seating option for patient rooms. Optional Smartrail offers convenient storage for mounting behind doors. Edge guards are standard. 400 lb capacity. Wide version available.

Trace Hip Chair

Trace Hip Chair with 21.5” seat height and 16” seat depth leads in comfort while aiding recovery of orthopedic patients. Offered in 22” and 30” seat widths in wood or metal. Bariatric certified with 25 year warranty.


Designed for patients and caregivers featuring refined design for unparalleled function, elegance, safety and comfort. Features include intellitrac, safebrake, transfer arm, and central Cove options. Bariatric certified. With soft back edge and corners, damage to walls and upholstery is minimal. Accord is the recliner that does. Winner 2015 Best of NeoCon Gold.

Capital Sleep Chair

Capital Sleep Chair is fully renewable upholstery and components with standard moisture barrier protects foam from spills and liquids, one step conversion to sleep surface, 74” sleep surface.

sleepToo ® Sofa

Within the family zone of the patient room, we have not only created a comfortable place to sit or recline, but optional integrated tables offer a place to work, read, write, and/ or dine. And, of course, a place to sleep – all in 20 sq feet of space.

Thanks AGAIN for the wonderful support of your products ! I am convinced that your furniture is the best possible choice for a heavy-use healthcare situation, and I would be happy to tell anyone that!

Alice Peterson - Interiors Coordinator/Facilities, THR Arlington Memorial

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